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June 11, 2020

2020 was by no means a normal year. We started with the onset of COVID-19, which forced the transition away from physical schooling into online schooling and the observation of social distancing. These cautionary procedures also led to the cancellation of spring sports...

April 23, 2020

The question of how to balance confidentiality with transparency hovers above our society today in many major issues. For example, during Trump’s impeachment trial, Republicans sought the identity of the whistleblower, citing the need for transparency and accountabilit...

February 11, 2020

December 10, 2018 marked the historic day when Youtube Rewind 2018 surpassed Baby to become the most disliked Youtube video of all time. 

Considering this massive failure, Youtube sought to correct its wrongs with Youtube Rewind 2019. Luckily, Youtube’s new endeavor per...

November 14, 2019

It’s 8 o’clock. You just got back from a grueling sports practice or extracurricular, tired and ready to settle in for the night. You already finished your homework during Free Block with an hour to spare. With this in mind, you treat yourself to some much needed free...

October 14, 2019

Last year, Amrita Mukunda ‘20 wrote an article about disrespect towards her religious traditions. Two weeks later, the administration cleared every copy of her article from the Hawken Open House. Now it’s part of the Humanities 9 curriculum. How did this all happen?


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June 11, 2020

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