Driving to the Point

November 14, 2019

Despite the Spikeball clubs unwarranted attack on the squad’s legitimacy, the boys golf team remained unfazed, capping off their season with an impressive 8th place finish at the state tournament.  Hawken Boys golf team core: Drew Covitt, Tommy Hill, Thomas Wong, Cooper Bryan, and Quinn Petersen, traveled to NorthStar Golf Club seeking a state title. Although a top ten finish is a notable achievement, senior captain, Drew Covitt voiced his dissatisfaction explaining how the “team and I were not pleased with our placement at states. It is awesome to make it there in the first place, but we had high expectation[s] on ourselves. We battled some tough weather conditions, but we for sure think it could have been better all around.” Senior captain Tommy Hill shares a similar disappointed attitude stating, “Overall we played very poorly. The course conditions were quite rough which didn’t help.” Despite his initial disapproving mindset, Hill ultimately concedes, “it’s hard to be angry with placing 8th in the state.” Additionally, Hill preaches the magnitude of qualifying to states given the loss of former captain, Jack Gole. Hill explains the communal aspiration for a state run, articulating how, “At the beginning of every season the team gets together to go over the previous year and set out some initial goals for the New Year. Our main goal has always been to make it to the state tournament.” Although the team fulfilled their initial goal and finished within the top ten, and the state tournament was overall successful, the boys knew they could have performed better. Furthermore, the team’s remarkable achievements throughout the year cast a shadow upon the state result. 

An 8th place finish is a bit uncharacteristic for the group given the extreme success throughout the year. The teams consistently dominated over competition winning several tournaments: The Berkshire Invitational, The Badger Invitational, and The CVC Preseason tournament.  Additionally, the team took home second place at The Trinity Invitational, Sectionals tournament, and District tournament. Led by seniors Drew Covitt and Tommy Hill, the group saw significant improvement as the season progressed. Covitt notes, “I believe there was noticeable improvement throughout the year. Losing our senior captain Jack Gole last year hurt us, but it was big that sophomores Quinn [Petersen] and Cooper [Bryan] were able to step up and help us win. They both played well throughout the year and their scores were used in almost all the matches.”  Due to the lengthy strides the team has taken in improving their game, the future for the hawks looks bright. Hill voiced his predictions: “There has been more passion for the sport in these past two years than I’ve ever seen before. The sophomore class of Quinn Petersen, Cooper Bryan, Jack Speigle, and Peyton O’Keefe is very promising for the next couple of years.” Hill furthers his belief anticipating, “they will be led by Thomas Wong who is likely an individual state contender for the upcoming year.” Due to the unconditional guidance and determination, the hawks were able to record a brilliant season in 2019.

Because of their consistent victories, the Chagrin Valley Conference (CVC) recognized four team members. Sophomore Cooper Bryan secured a 2nd team all CVC placement while Tommy Hill and Thomas Wong were 1st team all CVC. Additionally, Drew Covitt was 1st team all CVC and voted the Chagrin Valley Conference’s MVP. For all of this success, the Hawken community still seems to undervalue the talent and longevity of the team's success. Captain Covitt feels the team does not “receive the recognition that we deserve. During my last four years on the team, we have never lost more than two matches a year and the last two years we advanced to states for the first time in decades. It bothers me that during school meetings this year I had to stand up and tell the school all the accomplishments from the boys and girls teams.” Despite the boys golf team consistently being one of the most successful teams in the school, the recognition is limited. A team this successful deserves more widespread recognition in the Hawken community. Be sure to come out next year!

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