A Letter from Our Editor

February 11, 2020

Dearest AffNo readers,

As we welcome the new year (and decade!), I hope you all take a moment to think about your role in your communities. I’m sure you’ve heard that exact phrase countless times before, but this year, take it to heart. In this month’s issue, Mira Getrost ’21 wrote an important article about the Leonard Bernstein exhibit at the Maltz Museum, which memorializes a Jewish man who was committed to social justice in any sphere of influence he had. Like Bernstein, our recent speaker Erika Gold also left us with the importance of education, civic participation, and being an upstander. In some ways, when the world is hostile to you, simply succeeding in a system that targets you can be an act of rebellion and a feat of justice. Thank you to the Diversity Council and company for sharing an important message of allyship to the Hawken community. We, the AffNo staff, try our best to emulate that allyship by publishing articles that push for necessary change on campus. I hope you enjoy this month’s issue!


Carolyn Tung


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